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Akira GOMI "Yellows 3.0 1994 China" 1998 Photobook


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Akira GOMI, photographer. “Yellows 3.0 1994 China." Japan: Bunkasha, 1998, First Edition, thus, PB, dj, 15 x 11 cm, 398 pp, color photos.

The softcover reprint edition of the important milestone in "deadpan-nude" photography. Unlike the original hardcover edition, this softcover reprint reproduces all of the photos of the 100 different young Chinese women in color.

"Yellows 2.0 Tokyo," "Americans 1.0 Los Angeles," and "Yellows 3.0 China" were the original installments of Gomi's cross-cultural documentation of the bodies of young women. Yellows 3.0 China depicts 100 young Chinese women from all over the country, including some minority girls of the Manchu, Chuang and Miao peoples. In many ways the most prized of the series - it is the scarcest of the three books because of the bankruptcy of the publisher soon after publication. Also, since it was illegal for Gomi to take these photos within China at that time there is the added element of risk to himself and the models. Like the previous books there is a section of trivia about each model: measurements, weight, ethnic background, blood type occupation, etc. The models are from a wide spectrum of backgrounds - some very beautiful, some more ordinary - many different shapes and sizes. There are about 10 standard poses: fully clothed, closeup of the face, full-length photos of the front, back, left profile, and right profile; three-quarter-length front and back, head and chest. The number of poses shown for each girl varies - for some girls, you see all ten poses. They stand completely erect, hands on the sides, and feet together or slightly apart. The same seamless background is used for all the studio photos. The lighting is even and flat with no shadows. Most of the girls are poker-faced, though a few give a hint of a smile.

"Arising from Akira Gomi's nearly obsessional documentation of body-types, his Post-Modern approach to the concept of "types" combines an ironic catalogue of data - blood type, sitting height, education, age, favorite food, motto, foot size, questions about sexuality, reason for posing nude - with deadpan, but amusing nudes. What can we tell from a naked body, its form, posture, and expression, and what do we project? Yellows is a brilliant exploration of the non-sexual nude..."--Photo-eye

Condition: Excellent, with obi. Just like new, Binding is as tight as when it was first published, no wear.

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