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Akira TATEISHI "Nudes in Marine Blue" 1979 Photobook


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Akira TATEISHI, photographer. "Aoi sekai no oribia" or "Aoi sekai no nakamatachi" - “Nudes in Marine Blue." Ryu MURAKAMI, text. Japan: Haga Shoten, 1979, First Edition, HB, dj, 30 cm x 22 cm, 124 pp, color photos, Japanese text.

Very Rare. Tateishi was Japan's most famous diving personality. Combine that with the subject matter and this book is very scarce now. I once saw this book priced at a 1000$ in a Tokyo bookshop case.

"A diver since 1956, he designed his own housings to capture the beauty he witnessed underwater, leading to a series of original paintings, numerous books and exhibitions of his work. An important entrepreneur, he is the editor and publisher of several of Japan’s most prominent diving magazines. He is Editor/Publisher of several magazines and a leader in the diving community of Japan. For more than four decades, Akira Tateishi has helped focus Japanese and international attention on underwater photography through movies, television, magazines, and newspapers. Akira Tateishi was born in Chiba, Japan, in 1930. He began scuba diving in 1956 in search for new subjects for his painting work. To capture what he saw underwater, Tateishi designed and built an underwater camera housing. This allowed him to bring back images of underwater scenes, so he could paint them. In 1957, Tateishi held his first exhibition of his underwater photography. Also in 1957, Tateishi began his underwater cinematography career. He was underwater cameraman on the film titled Umi wa Ikiteiru (The Living Sea). In 1958, he founded The Marine Art Center. During 1959, Tateishi made is first underwater film in 16mm, titled Kaitei no Doubutsu (Underwater Animals). In April 1966, Tateishi designed an underwater camera housing that he called Tateishi Bronica I. Later that year, his biography 1,000 Hours of Underwater Filming was published. He continued the technical aspects of underwater photography equipment development with his design of the Tateishi Bronica Marine II. During 1967 and 1968, Tateishi filmed the wreck of the World War II Japanese ship, Kumano in the Philippines. Tateishi started the first scuba diving magazine in Japan, Marine Diving, in 1969. He created a sensation in the photographic world of Japan when Tateishi published the first artistic nude photographs shot underwater. Tateishi published three books in 1973, titled Umi no Sakana (Fishes of the Sea), Okinawa no Sangosho (Coral Reefs in Okinawa) and a photography book titled Aoi Sekai no Nakamatachi. His influence on the technical advancement of underwater photography was further enhanced in 1975 with a new camera system he had designed, the Tateishi Canon Marine 16mm. In 1976 he was honored by having his work displayed in the Tokyo Museum. During 1978, Tateishi launched, Um to Shima no Tabi (Travel Diver Magazine). In 1988, Tateishi published Marine Photo, a magazine for Underwater photography. Mr. Tateishi is currently Editor In-Chief of Marine Diving and Travel Diver Marine Photo Magazines, and President of Marine Art Center, Ltd., which publishes the magazines. For over 45 years of underwater photography, cinematography and contributions to diving, Akira Tateishi has received many honors and awards."--bio at the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame

Condition: Very Good, with the original decorated clear acetate jacket.

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