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Bunyo ISHIKAWA "Kita Betonamu"- "Photo Reportage North Vietnam" 1973 Photobook SIGNED


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Bunyo ISHIKAWA, photographer. “Kita Betonamu" - Photo Reportage: North Vietnam.” Japan: Asahi Shinbunsha, 1973, First Edition, HB, dj, 27 x 19 cm, 176 pp, color photos, text in Japanese.

Ishikawa's sympathetic portraits of the North Vietnamese people during wartime. Unlike most war photography the subjects of this book are primarily non-combatants - children, mothers, villagers. Most of the war is off-camera so to speak - bomb craters, patriotic posters - even the few weapons pictured are mostly held by village women and the heart-wrenching hospital scenes are few. A masterful work of photo-journalism, as moving as the great work of Ken Domon and Ihei Kimura.

Bunyo Ishikawa was one of the most important photographers who documented the Vietnam war, winner of numerous awards including the Photographic Society of Japan Award, the Japan Magazine Photographers Association Award and the Japan Journalist Conference Special Award. Woefully underappreciated in the West - perhaps Ishikawa's unbiased eye was seen as too compassionate and sympathetic to those on both sides of the conflict.

Condition: Very Good, with obi and original publisher's acetate jacket. Signed by Ishikawa on the front endpaper.