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* Daido MORIYAMA "Hikari to kage" - "Light and Shadow" 1982 Photobook SIGNED


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Daido MORIYAMA, photographer. "Hikari to kage” - “Light and Shadow." Japan: Tojusha, 1982, First Edition, PB, dj with screened image, 30 cm x 22 cm, 216 pp, b/w photos.

“Moriyama's oblique nod to 19th century photographic pioneer Nicephore Niepce, Light and Shadow is a sublime exploration of the constituent elements photographic seeing. Like his predecessor, Moriyama is here attuned to the qualities of the everyday objects around him. Along with another important 80s book, Nakaji e no tabi (A Journey to Nakaji), he fixes his gaze on his immediate environment, which he depicts with more realism than before.“--Photo-eye

Condition: Book itself is quite good, clean interior, binding is unbent. Jacket has quite a bit of wear and a long tear on the verso near the spine. Book is SIGNED in kanji by Moriyama on the title page and dated 1982.8.6 - a rare copy signed very soon after publication.

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