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Daido MORIYAMA "1970-1979" 1989 Photobook


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Daido MORIYAMA, photographer. "Moriyama Daido, 1970-1979." Michitaka Ohta, editor. Miyuke Ogura, design. Tokyo: Sokyusha, 1989, HB, dj, 26 x 22 cm, 84 pp, 38 b/w reproductions.

One of Moriyama's scarcest books, includes his most important work from the 1970's, which is otherwise scattered across numerous publications.

"Daido Moriyama is one of the most important and exciting Japanese photographers of our time, having made prolific, often experimental pictures of modern urban life since the 1960s....Moriyama approaches the world with an equalizing eye, capturing disparate peripheral details that in themselves account for little, but together add up to a powerful diagnosis of modern experience. In 1980s Japan such details encompassed the disorienting and sometimes brutal juxtaposition of traditional culture and modernization, most visible in the glut of consumer goods and images. But in Moriyama’s photographs these subjects appear alongside the banal elements of any streetscape: a derelict patch of pavement and wall, a car with an aggressive key scratch running its full length, even a single rose blossom."--Philiadelphia Museum of Art.

"There is perhaps no other living photographer who better embodies the Baudelaire's ideal of the flaneur, the anonymous observer of the urban street life who derives pleasure from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, who moves among the urban crowd with the eye of the artist."--Photo-eye.

Condition: Excellent, very bright.