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Daido MORIYAMA "Record No. 21" 2012 Photobook SIGNED


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Daido MORIYAMA, photographer. "Record No. 21." Japan: 2012, Akio Nagasawa Publishing, First Edition, PB, 20 cm x 22 cm, 72 pp, color images.

Daido's color photos of New York City: "Last November I went to New York for the first time in two years... I took some time off for a trip to Coney Island, where I enjoyed an enormously colorful American-flavored afternoon. However, the real thrill came later in the evening, when I took a dive into the Times Square's billboard jungle. The adrenalin rush the experience of bathing in the sparkling beams of light gave me made this the sexiest moment of my stay... I'll be back... and you will surely see me heading for the entrancing lights like an insect once again."--Daido Moriyama

No less than five of Daido Moriyama's books were selected as among the greatest photobooks in Parr and Badgers "History of the Photobook."

Condition: Excellent, Signed by Moriyama.

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