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Ed van der ELSKEN "Sweet Life" 1968 Photobook 1st Japanese Edition


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Ed van der ELSKEN, photographer. "Sweet Life." Japan: Tokyo Photographic School, 1968, 1st Japanese Edition, HB, slipcase, 29 cm x 29 cm, 208 pp, b/w gravure reproductions, Japanese text.

"Out of stream-of-consciousness photography emerged several distinct genres - the personal documentary, the diaristic photobook, the photonovel and so on. Another was the photographic odyssey, the photographer's quest to find himself... The epitome of this genre is, of course, Robert Frank's The Americans, but not far behind is Ed van der Elsken's epic photo-journey - Sweet Life. Whereas Frank criss-crossed the United States, Van der Elsken was even more wide-ranging. Sweet Life is the result of a 14-month world trip that he made in 1960-1, covering West Africa, the Malay Peninsula, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and Mexico... Although Sweet Life chronicles a journey, Van der Elsken's magnum opus has more in common with William Klein's New York than with The Americans. Like Klein, Van der Elsken designed the whole package himself, in an equally cinematic, improvisational, free-association way... Like Klein, Van der Elsken brings into play a whole panoply of layout effects - double-page bleeds, crops, running pictures together and so on - and it is an unprecedented book in that it had a different cover for each of the six countries in which it was published... Sweet Life is a sprawling, exuberant cornucopia, a preview of the pure stream-of-consciousness, machine-gun approach that would soon come with the Japanese Provoke photographers. And like the Provoke aesthetic, Van der Elsken's work has its dark and pessimistic undertones, although in Sweet Life bold, frantic energies predominate."--Parr & Badger, The Photobook: A History, Vol. 1, pp. 254-5.

Condition: Book is Very Good, clean interior pages, binding/spine is very good too. Cardboard slipase has some edge wear and humidity discolorations.

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