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* Eikoh HOSOE Ayako PARKS Nobuyoshi ARAKI et al "Sha Girl 1985 VIP Edition" Photobook


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Various Photographers. "Sha Girl 1985 VIP Edition." Japan: Nippon Geijutsu Shuppan-sha (NGS)/Kaigo no Hana Photography Club (KPC), 1985, First Edition, textured embossed boards, slipcase, 31 cm x 21 cm, 246 pp of color and b/w photos plus 28 pp of appendix, Japanese and English text.

The 1980s deluxe VIP editions of these volumes from the series of nude photography annuals were lavish affairs with an incredible roster of talent. As always the styles run the gamut from classic gravure b/w to slick fashion to abstractions both formal and exaggerated. Not to be confused with the annual commercial editions, this is the privately distributed "VIP" edition, unencumbered by Japanese censorship standards. A very dense and heavy book. High quality.

Some of the photographers included: Jacques ALEXANDER, James BAES, Diana BLOK, Burt BUNGER, John KELLY, Guido MANGOLD, J. L. MICHEL, Ayako PARKS, Gerard PETREMAND, Otto WEISSER, Shotaro AKIYAMA, Nobuyoshi ARAKI, Taku ARAMASA, Hideki FUJII, Isao HIRACHI, Komaro HOSHINO, Eikoh HOSOE, Masuo IKEDA, Hogara IKETANI, Toshihiro IMAMURA, Koichi INAKOSHI, Yoji ISHIKAWA, Takeji IWAMIYA, Tenmei KANOH, Miseki LIU, Osamu NAGAHAMA, Masaya NAKAMURA, Ikko NARAHARA, Shunji OKURA, Shoji OTAKE, Akira SATO, Hajime SAWATARI, Yoshihiro TATSUKI, Daiho YOSHIDA.

"...a collection of exceptional photographs of women which includes prizewinning photographs taken from the Annual Kaigo no Hana Photography Club (KPC) contest and works of professional photographers. This high quality collection will be treasured for the subtlety and beauty of its images of women. The name of our organization was inspired by a classical Chinese tale about the famous concubine Yang Kuei-Fei, who was reputed to be one of the most beautiful women in history."--KPC

Condition: Very Good, with slipcase.

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