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Eikoh HOSOE "Gaudi" 1984 Photobook


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Eikoh HOSOE, photographer. "Gaudi." Japan: Nippon Geijutsu Shuppan, 1984, HB, dj, slipcase, as issued, 31 x 31 cm, 250 pp, b/w & color photos.

An incredibly beautiful book in a large deluxe format - haunting images that persist in your dreams. The combination of Hosoe's and Gaudi's arts is a uniquely moving experience. Same size, presentation and publisher as Hosoe's beautiful "Human Body" book.

"It was in 1964 when I had my first encounter with the architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. It was so sudden and I was so overwhelmed by the extravagant shapes of something like a gigantic body of flesh that I could hardly take a single photograph of them. I only recorded what I saw then with my naked eyes on the films of my brain. I sensed an instinctive danger, then, in the mysterious moment mixed with fear and joy. This moment is what I later called the 'Gaudi Shock'"--Eikoh Hosoe

An iconic figure of post-war Japanese art, Hosoe was an intimate of Mishima and Butoh visionary Tatsumi Hijikata. Hosoe and several other young Japanese photographers founded the VIVO agency as reaction against the coolly objective documentary style exemplified by Ken Domon (1909-1990). His depictions of the body have a Surrealist quality that is startlingly intimate, yet also serves to render the flesh totally abstract and strange. Ba Ra Kei and Kamaitachi were selected as two of the greatest photography books in Parr and Badger.

Condition: Very Good.

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