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Eikoh HOSOE "Kamaitachi" 1969 Photobook SIGNED Rare 1st Ed Ltd 1000


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Eikoh HOSOE, photographer. "Kamaitachi." Tatsumi HIJIKATA, choreography; Shuzo TAKIGUCHI, introduction; Toyoichiro MIYOSHI, poem; Ikko TANAKA, design. Tokyo: Gendaishicho-sha, 1969, Clothbound in illustrated boards and white card slipcase, 39 x 31 cm, 34 b/w gatefold pages with gravure reproductions, 5 additional gatefold pages with texts and colophon, text in Japanese & English. Edition Limited to 1000 copies.

"The rare First Edition of "Hosoe's utterly gorgeous - totally unclassifiable - surreal classic of 'butoh-inspired-improvisational-theater-in-the-village-photo-documentary'!! Reprinted by Aperture in 2005 (a re-issue that is itself collectible) and 2009."--Photo-eye

"As a young boy in the north, Hosoe had heard of the Kamaitachi, a weasel-like demon who purportedly haunted the area’s rice fields and would slash any person he encountered. [Hosoe and Hijikata] came upon a great plain of rice fields that triggered Hosoe’s memory, and he conceived the idea of shooting Hijikata in a series of tableaux that recreated the Kamaitachi legend. The Kamaitachi functions as a wild free spirit in a land restricted by tradition. As such, the demon is at once beguiling and dangerous, representing such impulses as earthiness and sexuality. He seduces women and carries off small children, like a Pied Piper. Such unruliness is seen throughout the series but most clearly in one of the signature images, of a tiny Hijikata leaping gleefully through a great landscape of paddy fields. That there might be a price to pay for such abandon is abundantly clear in the menacing sky, which hangs over the scene like a shroud."--Parr & Badger, The Photobook: A History, Vol. 1, pp 284-5

Condition: Very Good, near excellent for this book. The book has a couple of light foxing spots on the outer pages but the interior gatefold pages, which often acquire folds over time, are still fine. Slipcase has some wear and various rubbings and flaws but has not split apart. The acetate jacket, which is often missing, has a significant loss on the top front but well above the blue-printed title. The tipped-in number colophon is still present - this is #165. Brush signed by Hosoe and sealed with his red chop.

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