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Erik KESSELS "In Almost Every Picture" 2002 Photobook


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Erik KESSELS, photographer. "In Almost Every Picture." Amsterdam: Artimo, 2002, First Edition, PB, 20 cm x 15.5 cm, 176 pp, color images, second edition of 1500 copies.

"A collection of hundreds of photos taken by a husband of his wife during the years 1956-1968, In Almost Every Picture is a remarkably consistent group of images, relaxed yet arranged, amateur yet professional, everyday yet unique. At the center of each photograph is the wife, gracefully posed, captured in different places over the years. She ages, her hairstyle changes, likewise her taste in fashion. But if viewers feel that through these pictures they have come to know the photographer and his wife, they are very wrong."--publisher

Condition: Good.

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