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Masahisa FUKASE "Yohko" 1978 Photobook Sonorama #8


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Masahisa FUKASE, photographer. "Yohko." Japan: Asahi Sonorama, 1978, First Edition, First Printing, OOP, HB, dj, 21 cm x 22 cm, Approx. 120 pp, b/w photos.

Fukase, along with Araki, shocked his audience by revealing to an unprecedented degree his intimate home life and personal emotional state. The wives of both of these artists were central to their work. Fukase's marriage to Yohko had dissolved two years before this book was published and the aura of despair which lead him to create "Ravens" (some of which is also included here) hangs over this collection as well. One of the most prized from the important Sonorama series.

"what is it to make a memory out of loss? to distill the precise ache of mourning? in photographs that become about loss‚ did the losing already happen before the photo? did it happen in the course of it? is the photo then a document of loss? are these then the most documentary of all documentary images?... the body of photographs I’ve seen of yoko show a multiplicity of moods, filled with both surface and subverted meaning. There are playful, joyous photographs such as the first one above (sarobetsu, hokkaido, 1971); sardonic commentary concerning perception, as in the second (new york, 1974) (the photo shows yoko dressed in formal kimono, kneeling beneath photographs of herself at the opening of john szarkowski’s curated show at MOMA in 1974 of new Japanese photography, totally and utterly ignored by the hoi polloi coming to mingle around images made of her by her husband, whom the show, in part, is celebrating); and still there are those posed (mastsubara apartment, 1968), which for all its premeditation, probably says more about power and projection than even fukase could have imagined when composing it."--Stacey Oborn, The Space in Between.

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