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Garo AIDA "The Photography of Alice" 1999 Photobook Runa NAGAI


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Garo AIDA, photographer. "The Photography of Alice in Wonderland." Models: Runa NAGAI (also spelled Luna NAGAI), Ayako NISHI, Eiko SUZUKI, Madoka KAWAGUCHI, Ai TAKAMATSU, Chizuru SUGIMOTO, Asuka KAWAGUCHI. Japan: Bauhaus, 1999, First Edition, HB, dj, 28 cm x 22 cm, Approx. 120 pp, color photos.

Alice in Wonderland has inspired a number of strange photographic interpretations from Japan - and this is another bizarre one. Aida's "Alice" combines the surreal Wonderland-inspired costumes, settings and scenarios of Sawatari's classic with the doe-eyed, wise-beyond-their-years models of Shinoyama's "Namaiki." Not often seen.

The most notable of the models, Runa Nagai, is most known in the West for the film "Tomie: Another Face." This was published well before that film. Runa caught the eye of three of the most famous photographers in Japan - Nobuyoshi Araki, Kishin Shinoyama and Hajime Sawatari - all of whom devoted a photobook to her.

Condition: Very Good.

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