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Akira GOMI "Yellows 20 Years Old" 2000 Photobook


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Akira GOMI, photographer. “YELLOWS 20 YEARS OLD.” Japan: Bunkasha, 2000, First Edition, PB, dj, 18 X 13 cm, Approx. 400 pp, color photos.

Gomi concludes his second series of Yellows, following “Restart 1999,” “Glamour,” and “Angels,” Fans of Gomi's first series of photobooks, "1.0 Americans," "2.0 Yellows Tokyo," "3.0 Yellows China," and "Yellows Privacy," should love these as well. The earlier series was published in large hardcovers with slipcases mostly in b/w, later becoming Japan's first cd-rom photo publications, and still later small softcovers in color. The four books of the second Yellows series are printed in thick, densely packed, moderately sized softcover, all color. For these four books, Gomi abandons his cross-cultural viewpoint and only photographs Japanese women. Gomi also abandons the any-willing-woman-off-the-street looking-for-the-greatest-variety selection criteria for his models and replaces it with a willing-woman-off-the-street-aspiring-to-be-a-supermodel criteria. "20 Years Old" features 20 Japanese models who are, you guessed it, 20 years old. The book is in two sections. One section imitates Gomi's previous work in Yellows, parading the models through a standardized set of 12 basic poses/viewpoints with deadpan expressions - clothed/unclothed, front/back, left side/right side, full figure/close-up. The second section allows the models freedom of poses and expressions, both glamorous and spur-of-the-moment, both partially clothed (shoes-only is a favorite) and unclothed.

Condition: Very Good.