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Goyo HASHIGUCHI "Yamato Nishikie Vol. 10: Hokusai" 1917 20 Woodblock Prints


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Goyo Hashiguchi, artist. "Ukiyo Fuzoku Yamato Nishiki-e" - "Japanese Color Prints." Tokyo: Nihon Fuzoku Zue Kankokai, 1917-19, Approx. 57 x 25 cm, floral patterned paper boards with ribbon ties, a printed title label, and patterned pastedowns of ducks in water. 20 color woodblock prints, including 3 fold-outs, tipped at one edge to a single folded-over page Japanese style. 20 pages of explanatory text in Japanese.

Reference: Ulak & Koyama, Beautiful Shin Hanga - Revitalization of Ukiyo-e, pp 32-33.

After Goyo published his first woodblock design with the Watanabe Publishing House, he embarked on a three-year study of the great Ukiyoe masters, including Utamaro, Sharaku, Toyokuni, Harunobu, Koryusai, Hiroshige, Hokusai, etc. The result was a 12 volume set of reproductions. Each volume contained 20 prints. This is is the first volume from the fourth set, "Edo Makki Jidai," - volume 10.

This volume has 11 prints by HOKUSAI, 6 prints by his students or studio, and 3 prints by EIZAN.

It is difficult to find intact volumes from this set in good condition with minimal age/humidity discolorations. Originally, the twelve volumes of Yamato Nishiki-e were packed tightly into a cardboard box. With the combination of Japan's humid climate and this packaging most examples that were kept in this original state were eventually riddled with moisture damage, foxing, mold, etc. As one can imagine, probably most copies of this woodblock printed book have been taken apart for the individual prints - so even a single volume is a rare find and this is one of the best of the series.

Condition: Very Good state. Sealed with the round red Hashiguchi seal that is appropriate for these prints. The 20 prints are in excellent condition. Minimal wear to the cover. Usual humidity discoloration is confined to the title page with its thoughtful and elegant but unfortunately acidic tissue cover sheet. The prints are uniformly excellent with fine luminous colors and impressions, including some occasional shomenzuri printing and gauffrage.