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Lyu HANABUSA "Paris Paris" 1998


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Lyu HANABUSA, photographer. "Paris Paris."  Japan: Photo Musee, 1998, First Edition, OOP, PB, dj, 20 cm x 15 cm, Approx. 250 pp, color & b/w photos.  Hanabusa lives in both Japan and France and is probably the photographer who is most like the great French photographers, Jeanloup SIEFF and Jean-Francois JONVELLE, in both style and quality. Seeing an example of Hanabusa, one could easily be confused. Being Japanese though, Hanabusa is not above doing the occasional popular sexy model/idol book. At these times he can adopt a persona more like Nobuyoshi Araki, Tenmei Kanoh or Hajime Sawatari. This is the thickest in the series of Hanabusa books published by Photo Musee, a series which also included “Back” and “Maruru.” This one is probably the rarest, combining his photos of the beautiful and city and his stylish nudes. The nudes are in the style of some his other books, especially “Take Off Your Clothes,” “Bedroom,” and “Qui est elle,” - featuring European models in the ornate baroque villas that Shinoyama also favors. Highly-recommended. Already, a hard-to-find book. This import photobook was never published outside of Japan.  Lyu Hanabusa Biography: Born 1949, Osaka, Japan. Lyu Hanabusa made his debut as a professional photographer with the one-man exhibition "Mo hitotsu-Nanika (One More Something)" in 1970. Hanabusa has published a wide variety of works including portraits of celebrities, nude photography, collaborative works with writers, and travel and landscape photography. Hanabusa's major publications include "Feminite", "Rakuen-Genso Tahiti (Illusion of Paradise-Tahiti)", "Presence", "BACK", "LAZY FISH", "PARIS PARIS" and "Louvre Bijutsukan (The Louvre Museum)." His exhibitions include "Ishikino Kanatakara Yattekuru Mono (Something Coming Far from Consciousness)", "Pari-ni Ikiru Onnatachi-no-Shozo (Portraits of Women Living in Paris)", "KABUKI", "Sozo-no-Toki (Time of Creation)" "BAROQUE", "MARURU/TAHITI" and "NudePortraits". Hanabusa is an executive member of the Nikkor Club, and is a member of the Nikon Salon Committee and the Japan Professional Photographers Society.  Condition: Excellent, with obi.