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Hiroshi NONAMI + Makiko ESUMI "E-Mode" 1999 Photobook


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Hiroshi NONAMI, photographer. "E-Mode." Makiko ESUMI, model. Japan: Little More, 1999, First Edition, First Printing, OOP, PB, dj, 30 cm x 20 cm, Approx. 80 pp, color photos.

Every two or three years Nonami produces a photobook of his highly-crafted, surreal, gothic, dream-visions of beautiful women, from the faery-like to the statuesque. First there was "Abyss", followed by "Eureka", "Chaos" and "E-Mode." Amazingly, Nonami uses no digital manipulation whatsoever - all of his images are hand-made with a variety of dark-room techniques. His imagination leads him to experiment wildly - letting mold grow on the film to create stained patterns, for instance - and despite the controlled compositions of his subjects, eventual results have elements of fortuitous happenstance.

Makiko Esumi is one of the most famous movie actresses in Japan, staring in Hirokazu Koreeda's "Maborosi" and Seijun Suzuki’s “Pistol Opera.” With the earlier “Esumi,” Makiko Esumi has starred in two of the classiest nude photobooks of any Japanese actress. Where "Esumi" was atmospheric, "E-Mode" is surreal. She has an artistic eye and her photobooks are out of the ordinary.

Nonami was born in 1954 Matsue City, in the Shimane Prefecture of Japan, Nonami graduated from the Osaka Photography Academy in 1974 and founded his Studio No-ah in 1979. His popular photobooks of the star music group "Luna Sea" and the actress Makiko ESUMI increased his fame, leading to exhibitions in Japan and Europe.

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