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* Hiroshi NONAMI "Portfolio 1989-2007" 2008 Photobook Ltd Ed 300 SIGNED


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Hiroshi NONAMI, photographer. "Portfolio 1989-2007." Kenichi KAWAI, Hidenori INOUE, text. Japan: KPlant, 2008, First Edition, Clamshell Portfolio Case, stamp-numbered outer slipcase with pasted label, 28 cm x 31 cm, 72 color plates, 6-page folder insert with essays, bio and colophon, text in Japanese & English, Limited edition of 300 Signed and numbered copies.

One of the most gorgeously designed and executed photo publications you will ever see.

“As I fix my consciousness on my subject, I search for memories hidden deep within the nucleus of my very cells. As I gaze at the subject, I long to encounter the new me, carved away in my dna. My subjects feel embarrassment, sometimes even pain, as poses and expressions, never before imagined, are requested of them. From that entanglement, the instant that unconscious natural-born depth warmed to the surface, I press the shutter. In that instant, with the flash of the strobe, I come to feel synchronized with those whom I was visually connected to. The objects of my art, with their excellent and peculiar costumes and hair design, allow their dna to be clearly felt, and by synchronizing with my dna, remind us of a far-off past. Perhaps even taking us back to the beginning of our memories. As the subjects which appear in my viewfinder pass through the lens before me, they become different entities, the hidden helixes of their dna and all their various forms expressed openly. I take the world I must see and carve it into film. I gaze at the subject. Then, with eyes closed, the image floating in my eyelids becomes the whole of my vision. A memory of a wordless chaos, from which strives the will to be born. The wreckage of a dried out life, an emulsion that just happened to form on a film surface, cracked paint, a rusted plate, a faded cloth or a molded sheet. A memory of their hidden lives is inherent in me, as a vision. Placing the newly-developed film in front of me, it’s like I am deep in an underground wilderness, or high up in a mountain forest, or at the bottom of an ocean, continually fumbling and groping about for some forgotten and unseen origin of life. Photography is my only means for encountering that evasive origin. It’s only my collaboration with various subjects that seems to testify to our existence. Throughout my life, visual perception has been everything. Putting together this “Portfolio 1989-2007” gave me the opportunity to look back on my career and brought that fact home to me. I would like to take this opportunity to offer thanks to all of those who have helped me along this path, and also to all those who, through fate, I may work with in the future.”--Hiroshi Nonami.

Condition: Excellent, SIGNED by Nonami and hand-numbered #73/300.

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