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Hisako SAKURAI "Forms" 2013 Photobook


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Hisako SAKURAI, photographer. "Forms." Japan: Sokyusha, 2013, First Edition, HB (no dj as issued), 29 cm x 23 cm, 72 pp, 56 b/w photos.

Another beautiful book from Sokyusha (formerly Mole). More of her expressive and elegant art can be seen on her self-titled website.

"...the closer I look, the more I am drawn in, into the quality of skin and its texture, the sheer curiousness of their aspect. I am gripped by the urge to minutely inspect the outlines and details of the body. I wish to see their aspects, forms and expressions, unknown to me though they be mine... Ballet is a mode of expression of being very nearly nude. It is as though flesh is the costume, and one moves the bones within that space of the stage in order to tell the story. The performing body is a medium much like a hieroglyph, designed from the lines and curves, and akin to the role of signs and symbols... Despite believing myself to be well acquainted with my own body, I felt betrayed by its refusal to obey my wishes... The surface of the skin, which is the wall separating the outer and inner realms offers hints of the soul hidden far and deep within. The form of the body, enveloped by its gentle curves contains unfathomable signs and symbols. It is a thing of purity, a primal object. Such boundless expressivity, emerging from the body at zero-point, never ceases to captivate me."--Sakurai

Condition: Excellent.

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