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Tetsuya ICHIMURA "Come Up" 1971 Photobook


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Tetsuya ICHIMURA, photographer. "Come Up." Japan: Shashin Hyoronsha, 1971, PB, original acetate dj, 26 cm x 26 cm, 48 pp, 36 b/w images.

Reference: Kaneko & Vartanian, Japanese Photobooks of the 1960's and 70's, p156-9.

"In most of the spreads, a photograph of some configuration of bodies is paired with a landscape. The framing of Ichimura's images seem indefinite, this underscores a vagueness, the effect of which is studied ambiguity. By limiting the specificity of his images Ichimura is able to describe something universal. This is also the case with images that seem to describe something specific about an actual occurrence but simultaneously seem part of some fantasia. At the very least Ichimura achieves a temporal shift. It is not clear whether the sexual aspect or the portrayal of Japan is the specific or the general."--Kaneko & Vartanian.

"I tried to extract not a superficial but unique part of the human soul from the realities in Japan, and photographed human bodies and Japanese landscapes, with a view that perceives the origin of the Japanese sex and its soil through the realism of photography, which is considered suitable for expressing the intangible soul. By doing so, I could perceive the origin of myself as a human being, and obtained a method of thinking based primarily upon a human being itself. Fortuity is a motive for photography and the essence of photography is the fortuitous discovery of the truth."--Ichimura, postscript.

From the same publisher as Eikoh Hosoe's "Embrace" and Daido Moriyama's "Shashin yo Sayonara" Ichimura's "Come Up" takes a place right along side them - a masterpiece both evocative and mysterious. An eccentric genius, whose work is of supremely high quality yet very much the opposite of prolific - similar to Masahisa Fukase. A good comparison, for Ichimura's "Come Up", like Fukase's "Ravens," elicits strong yet difficult to identify emotions, in the manner of musical masterpieces.

Condition: No slipcase. Book is Good, some of the usual wear, original acetate dj still present.