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Ihei KIMURA "Pari" - "Paris" 1974 Photobook


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Ihei KIMURA, photographer. “Pari” - “Paris.” Tokyo: Nora-sha, 1974, 1st Edition, HB with full white linen, illustrated slipcase, 26 x 19 cm, 318pp, 153 double-page color reproductions, texts by Sasaki, Koji Taki, and Shinji Okuda.

"Paris was photographed during three visits to the city in 1954, 1955 and 1960, although the book was only published in 1974, the year of the photographer’s death... Paris is notable for two things .Firstly, it as a distinctive colour palette, composed of cool blues, greys, browns, and purples. Secondly, there is Kimura's view of the city itself, which teeters between conventional travel photography and something much more original... he was certainly aware of the “creative” Paris, the Paris of painters, film-makers and photographers such as Brassai and Doisneau - or Henri Cartier-Bresson, with whom he stayed when he visited the city... What he appears to have discovered is a residue of Atget's Paris, at a time when the work of the French photographer was much less known to the photographic world than it is now...Kimura's Paris, like Atget's, is a nostalgic one, a city of crumbling textures and decaying structures, of courtyards and back alleys, of autumnal mists and winter gloom... At times Kimura certainly photographs Paris as if the city were in terminal decay rather than, as so many see it, an open-air museum with some artfully distressed surfaces."--Parr & Badger, The Photobook, A History, Vol. 1, p. 297.

Condiiton: Very Good, the slipcase and the book's white linen outer boards show some age/humidity spots, the spine is strong and the interior of the book is fine; with the original 20 page separate booklet insert and an additional publicity booklet from the publisher for the first release as well.