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Ikko NARAHARA "Celebration of Life" 1972 Photobook


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Ikko NARAHARA, photographer. “Celebration of Life.” Tokyo: Camera Mainichi, 1972, First Edition, PB, 26 x 22 cm, approx. 100 pp, 88 b/w & color photos, text in English & Japanese.

"Narahara's document of a trip he and his wife took to the 'Celebration of Life' music festival in Louisiana in June of 1971. Full of stoned hippies and nude people rolling in the mud, the book is a wonderful, outsider's look at a by-gone era."--Photo-eye.

"Music was only played at night so the most pleasurable thing to do in that tremendous heat was to go swimming, especially since we all swam in the nude. Being at the river, with all those people, laughing and naked in the water, made me think that we had returned to the time of an ancient mythology. Usually, when we look at each other in clothes we make evaluations but nakedness makes it difficult to distinguish people from each other. It makes everybody equal... My reason for going to this festival was not primarily to photograph, but simply to take part in the life of the country for a few days as a lover of rock and country music. In this book I have only focused on the everyday life of the participants. Taking the photographs made it possible for me to verify my own experience of the festival... somewhere in myself the part of me which is a photographer was also existing. But I did not want to destroy myself as a participant in order to take the pictures... This book was formed from a delicate balance of my act of living there as a participant and my taking photographs as an operation. I lived together with the people there and this book is a portrait of the time we shared."--Narahara, afterward.

From the way that Narahara describes it, this photobook was mostly a happy accident, a fun excursion to enjoy some music but the festival was beset with a host of problems - venue changes, delays, thunderstorms, summer heat - and so the young hippie audience got more high, communal, naked - and Narahara got more photos, fortunately leading to one of the best photo documents of the late-60s hippie experience ever produced. This book has everything you would expect - and an elephant.

Condition: Poor - the book was originally in such poor condition that I used it for scanning and now all of the pages are loose and have been detached from the binding.

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