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Yoji ISHIKAWA "Private Room 20" 1994 Photobook


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Yoji ISHIKAWA, photographer. “Private Room 20.” Japan: Bookman Press, 1994, HB, dj, 32 x 24 cm, approx. 130 pp, color photos.

Published the same year as "Nu" and "Mon Ame." Ishikawa photographs 20 amateur models, not with the Romantic soft-focus style of his famous Sophie images, but with the true-to-life snapshot “Privacy” style - similar to Akira Gomi "Yellows Privacy" book - presenting the models in their homes. The model on the cover was also featured in Gomi's "Yellows Privacy" book - actually holding a copy of this book in her hands. Ishikawa's "Sophie Graffiti" was cited in Bertolotti's reference "Books of Nudes."

Condition: Very Good.