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* Iwami FURUSAWA "A Thousand and One Arabian Nights" 1967 Woodblock Print Set


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Iwami FURUSAWA, artist. "A Thousand and One Nights: 6 Woodblock Prints." Japan: Sashie Hanga Kenkyujo, 1967, Decorative boards with an illustrated woodblock print cover laid down on front, Portfolio case - size: 27 x 21 cm, 6 woodblock loose prints - size: 25 x 17 cm (image size: 17 x 12 cm), publisher's page.

Reference: The Arabian Nights and Orientalism: Perspectives from East and West edited by Yuriko Yamanaka, Tetsuo Nishio and Robert Irwin. Furusawa's illustrations are explored in the essay "Body, Voice and Gaze: Text and Illustration in the Frame Story of The Thousand and One Nights." by Akiko Motoyoshi Sumi and Clause Cluever, p. 194-216.

Rare and fine. In 1967 Furusawa illustrated a monumental multi-volume set of Burton's version of "A Thousand and One Nights" in Japanese translation by Oba Masafumi. The set was reprinted, still with Furusawa's designs, in 2003-4. From those designs this special edition of 6 prints was produced. Furusawa is famous in Japan both for his surrealist Art and for his romanticized paintings of nudes. Many of his rarest works are limited edition print and lithograph sets which lean to the exotic and erotic.

Bio: FURUSAWA Iwami (1912-2000), born in Saga, started his career as a painter in Tokyo in 1927 and became one of the pioneers of Surrealism in Japan; in 1947 he organized the Japanese Association of Avant-garde Artists. The Museum of Furusawa Iwami was established in Yamanashi in 1975. A book illustrator since early in his career (see Shinohara and Akishima, 1998), he undertook illustrating The Thousand and One Nights in 1966.

Condition: The prints are in Excellent states with vivid colors. Signed by Furusawa on the publisher's page with the year in Roman numerals in the Furusawa's hand. The original case has wear, especially on the left where it folds over.

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