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Jeanloup SIEFF "Derrieres" 1994 Photobook


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Jeanloup SIEFF, photographer. "Derrieres: A tribute to ninety-three derrieres chosen for their plastic, intellectual and moral qualities." Japan: Kyoto-Shoin, 1994, First Japanese Edition, HB, dj, 33 cm x 25 cm, 119 pp, b/w photos.

"In Derrieres, Sieff photographed the buttocks of women - actresses. models and unknowns - and interpreted these body parts as singular mirrors into of their owner's souls. The photos are taken in an unadorned decor with a sophisticated interplay of light and shade, and as the photographer indicates in the book's subtitle, evoke either sensual or purely intellectual responses. These elegant, insolent, mysterious and inspired images are experienced as fleeting amorous encounters."--Bertolotti, Books of Nudes, pp. 270-1

Condition: Very Good.