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* Jin OHASHI "Surrendered Myself to the Chair of Life" 2012 Photobook SIGNED


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Jin OHASHI, photographer. “Soko ni suwarou to omou” - “Surrendered Myself to the Chair of Life.” Chikako YAMAMOTO, art direction. Japan: AKAAKA sha, 2012, First Edition, HB, clothbound with embossed titles on the spine and an embossed photo on the cover, case, 30 cm x 42 cm, 400 pp, 391 color photos, (some online sources say this is a Limited Edition of 1200).

Publisher's Description: “Jin Ohashi is one of the most popular and significant photographers in Japan today. His work in earlier books, Menomaenotsuduki and Ima, took the public by surprise with its dynamic realism. This autumn, he is back after a seven-year absence with a new book of photographs, Surrender Myself to the Chair of Life. 'I think the fact that life starts-and each person starts his or her own life-to me means that everyone has a calling,' says Ohashi. 'We are all led to take our seat at a particular place, which is already prepared for us ... At this moment, I am alive in this world, where we all are alive. I wanted to take my seat at that place.' Surrendered Myself to the Chair of Life challenges us to look at the place where we live, the place where life begins. A fundamental body of work, it reflects the life of an individual rather than society as a whole. By exploring the last frontiers of life, new meanings can be created through the formation of relationships with others. It is this exploration that makes Ohashi's work multi-layered and real.

“Jin Ohashi has a natural instinct for photography. He really is in a class of his own. Is this photography? It is undoubtedly contemporary art!” - Nobuyoshi Araki, who selected Ohashi as his choice for the 1992 Canon Cosmos of Photography award and whose handwriting adorns the obi.

With a cast of 300 models, necessarily split equally between the sexes, orchestrated in a mysterious narrative that includes a staged mass orgy, Ohashi’s massive and monumental photobook has the aura of a major statement, not merely a collection of photography but an object of contemporary art - a Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? for modern times in photobook form.

Condition: Excellent, with obi, SIGNED by the photographer on the last free page opposite the colophon.

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