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Katsuji FUKUDA "Psalm" 1979 Photobook Sonorama Edition #19


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Katsuji FUKUDA, photographer. “Sonorama Shashin Sensho 19: Shoka" - "Sonorama Photobook Series 19: Psalm.” Akira HASEGAWA, essay. Japan: Asahi Sonorama, 1979, First Edition, HB, dj, 21 cm x 22 cm, 120 pp, b/w photos, text in Japanese & English.

This Sonorama Volume divides Fukuda's works into three parts: 1) Women; 2) Still Life: 3) Italy. The first two parts may be the expected from Fukuda, who in his published photobooks, often paired his photos of women, including nudes, with still life photos, both exploring the play of light, shadow and color. The third section is unusual for both Fukuda and the Sonorama series in that it is a collection of previously unpublished photos - photos Fukuda had taken over two decades before, in 1955, during his travels to Italy as a result of winning a photographic competition. “There are no photographers of women in Japan even today who have not been influenced by Fukuda in one way or another.”--Akira Hasegawa.

Condition: Quite good for a book from this series, though it does have some of the often seen foxing to the first and last pages and on the underside of the jacket. Jacket has faded towards the spine.

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