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Keizo KITAJIMA "Isolated Places" 2012 Photobook SIGNED


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Keizo KITAJIMA, photographer. "Isolated Places." Japan: Rat Hole, 2012, First Edition, HB, (no dj as issued), 21 x 26 cm, 96 pp, color photos.

"After becoming known for his street photography taken both within and outside of Japan from the late 1970s until the early 1990s, in 1992, Keizo Kitajima embarked on two new bodies of work - his "Portraits" series, featuring portraits of people in white shirts against a white background, and his "Places" series, featuring landscapes void of human figures. Over the past twenty years, Kitajima has worked on these two series concurrently and continues to do so today. For his early works in his "Places" series, most photographs were taken in major cities around the world including Tokyo, London, New York, and Hong Kong. The homogeneous landscape of a metropolitan setting as a result of the spectacular phenomenon of globalism is expressed in Kitajima's images. However, from the late 1990s, most of his works have been taken only in Japan, and in more recent years, in small villages and remote islands in the countryside of Japan. While the shift in his subject from urban to rural locations is at first glance a shift between polar opposites - global homogeneity vs. vernacular disparities - Kitajima is more so concerned with the idea of capturing “landscapes that have lost a name and face.”--publisher

"Such landscapes can be found all over Japan, but rarely do we notice them. They are “isolated places” that have forgotten their past and lost sight of their future."--Keizo Kitajima.

Condition: Excellent, SIGNED by Kitajima on the front endpaper.