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* Kikuji KAWADA "Cosmos of the Dream King" 1979 Photobook Sonorama #24


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Kikuji KAWADA, photographer. "Sonorama Shashin Sensho 24: Cosmos of the Dream King." Akira HASEGAWA, essay. Japan: Asahi Sonorama, 1979, First Edition, HB, dj, 21 cm x 22 cm, 120 pp, b/w photos, text in Japanese & English.

Kawada's third photobook after The Map and Sacre Atavism.

"Expressed here is a fascination with the grotesque, an insatiable desire for the strange or abnormal. In a word, Baroque, but not the "baroque" that refers to a period of European art history. Kawada's interpretation of Baroque goes back to the original meaning of the word, 'the twisted pearl.' As an anti-classicist statement, as a desire to express the beauty within the twisted, Kawada's intention takes on new clarity... This present work takes one chapter from Sacre Atavism, the one dealing with the castle of Ludwig II, and expands it into a full book... In this collection Kawada represents with clinical faithfulness the unique products of the insanity of Ludwig II, illuminating and recording the interior of an implacable spirit. The collection also expresses Kawada's own troubled interior world, so that it is in a way madness observing madness."--Akira Hasegawa

Volume #24 from the Asahi Sonorama Series published between 1977-1980 which extended to 27 volumes and is a remarkable collection of photobooks by the leading Japanese photographers of the time. Some of the other volumes included: Hamaya's Snow Land, Iwamiya's Sado, Hosoe's Embrace, Sawatari's Nadia, Moriyama's Japan, a Photo Theatre II, Araki's Yoko, My Love, Fukase's Yohko, Ueda's Sand Dunes, Tomatsu's Kingdom of Mud, Suda's Fushi Kaden, Fukuda's Psalm, Naito's Baba, Yanagisawa's Tracks of the City.

Condition: Fairly Good, overall toning, jacket wear at the top, commonly seen foxing at the endpapers and underside of the jacket.

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