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Kineo KUWABARA "Tokyo 1936" - "Tokyo Showa 11" 1974 Photobook


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Kineo KUWABARA, photographer. “Tokyo Showa 11" - "Tokyo 1936.” Japan: Shobunsha, 1974, First Edition, HB, slipcase, 26 x 18 cm, 258 pp, 172 b/w gravure reproductions, text in Japanese.

For decades Kuwabara public contributions to photography were as an editor of Photo magazines and in the realm of criticism. From the 1930s until well into the 60s, his own art only saw the public in the occasional photo contest - his vast treasure of negatives remained unprinted. Kuwabara was the first editor to publish the work of a young Nobuyoshi Araki and later it was Araki who saw that Kuwabara's work received the attention it deserved. Today, Kuwabara is seen as one of the world's foremost street photographers, particularly for his photos of the Asakusa and Shitamachi areas of pre-WWII Tokyo.

"A hugely influential mid-seventies classic that evokes a nostalgic warmth for pre-war Tokyo. In both its subject matter (most of the photos were taken in 1936-1937) and design, Kuwabara’s book is a paean to a long lost Tokyo."--Photo-eye

"Nostalgia is the reason for the broad, overwhelming, and enduring popular response to the book, and its influence on contemporary photographers... The book became widely known as a landscape of a lost Tokyo... Shotaro Ikenami thought he appeared in one of them. He was not alone; many people saw themselves in these images. As Shiroyasu Suzuki writes, 'I am not looking at Kuwabara's photographs; rather, the me that exists in my memory is once more brought to life.' In this, Tokyo 1936 depicted 'our Tokyo,' the 'Tokyo of our childhood...' In the first half of the 1970s, Kuwabara's photography, sympathetic and nostalgic, presented an alternative to the harsh expression and thematic tension that prevailed at the time. The format of the book mixes elements of a family photo album with that of a photobook... Occasionally Kuwabara indicates the name of his subject, but for the most part he merely identifies the area of town. Nonetheless, he annotates each image, occasionally providing information on what his subjects are doing now: 'The cute kid on the right works for a bank now, or so I've heard.'"--Kaneko & Vartanian, Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 70s, pp. 182-187

"My photographs are not documents or reportage or such prim productions but simply commemorative photographs of the intimate encounter between me and the subject."--Kuwabara

Condition: Case is very good. The book is good, very good other than the edge of the book pages show some foxing areas, a couple of foxing spots on interior pages by the edges but not near or inside any of

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