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Kira SUGIYAMA "How to Photograph Nude Women Vols 1 & 2" 1950/1951 Photobooks


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Kira SUGIYAMA, photographer. 2 Volumes: "Rafu no utsushikata" - "How to Photograph Nude Women (Vol. 1)" and "Zoku rafu no utsushikata" - "How to photograph nude women again." Both Books: Japan: Oizumi Shoten, 1950 and 1951, HB, dj, 18 x 18 cm, 144 & 116 pp, b/w photos, text in Japanese.

Two of Sugiyama's photo-books are referenced in Bertolotti - Photo Anthologie Nude (1969) and the second of these books, Zoku rafu no utsushikata (1951). Bertolotti neglects to mention the first volume (perhaps that is why he doesn't translate the title?) and the date is ten years off (1961). Both books are considered historically important. The first book has a large section of technical text (in Japanese) and illustrative photos.

"Not all of the nude photography books of this time were subversive, although they were all characterized by the sharply imaginative nature of their images. Many photographers specialized in the glamour genre. One of the most successful was Kira Sugiyama's photography book, Zoku Rafu No Utsushikata, which showed photos of frisky young models taken outdoors; these were nice, happy, healthy ingenues, modeled on the pinups of the 1950's, and on photographs by Andre de Dienes taken in France at the same time."--Bertolotti, Books of Nudes, p. 181

Sugiyama's joyous photography has had a lasting influence on innumerable Japanese photographers of the nude - for instance, Yoshihiko Ueda's 3 Women is an obvious homage to the photography found in these books. 60 year old beautiful nostalgia from the "Dienes of Japan."

Condition: Very Good - two of the best conditioned examples I have seen. Interiors are clean and uncommonly bright.

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