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Kishin SHINOYAMA "Art Playboy" 1969 Photobook Sam HASKINS Wingate PAINE John D GREEN


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8 Photographers: Kishin SHINOYAMA, Sam HASKINS, John D. GREEN, Wingate PAINE, Don ORNITZ, Masaya NAKAMURA, Shotaro AKIYAMA, Yoshihiro TATSUKI. “Ato Pureiboi" - "Art Playboy." Tokyo: Shueisha, 1969, First Edition, PB, 26 x 18 cm, 164 pp, b/w & color photos, text in Japanese.

A rare book nude photography, notable for including excerpts of the best work of all these important photographers. In Japan this volume is especially collectable because it contains some of Shinoyama's earliest published nude photography - his first photobook, 28 Girls, had only been published a few months earlier.

Sections include: 20 models by Kishin SHINOYAMA (includes models Riri NOZAWA, Kazuko AKASAKA, Harumi ADACHI, Yuri TACHIKAWA, Suzan YAGUCHI, Eimi AOKI, Rumi SHINKURA, Tetsuko KUROYANAGI, Tomomi SAWA, Masumi TACHIBANA, Kikko MATSUOKA, Yoshiko HARADA, Ritsuko KAI, Riri KO, Mari HAYAMA, Risa NAKAGAWA, Ruriko ASAOKA and 3 others), Five Girls and Cowboy Kate by Sam Haskins, Birds of Britain by John D Green, Mirror of Venus by Wingate Paine, Nackt Seit Salomon by Don Ornitz.

Condition: Good, clean inside and out, binding/spine is strong but leaning.

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