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Kishin SHINOYAMA "Hareta Hi (A Fine Day)" 1975 Photobook


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Kishin SHINOYAMA, photographer. "Hareta Hi" - “A Fine Day.” Japan: Heibonsha, 1975, First Edition, HB leatherette, 30 cm x 23 cm, 348 pp, 230 color reproductions.

“Shinoyama began his career as a successful advertising photographer beginning in the mid-1960s and gained further notice in 1966 with infamous photos of writer Yukio Mishima, some of which were displayed in huge format to outraged shoppers in a Tokyo department store. He remains one of Japan's most successful commercial photographers. Hareta Hi is essentially a series of impeccably sequenced, allusive photo-essays whose subject matter ranges from close-ups of politicians in mid-speech to a typhoon striking an offshore archipelago, to a defeated boxer, and brooding landscapes subjected to extreme environmental conditions. The full and double page bleeds are printed in deep color that flirts with saturation; the pages contain no text whatsoever. All of the pictures were taken in 1974; a closer reading of the annotations reveals that they span just seven months of that year. So, this is, in some wonderfully abstruse way, a work of history, a highly subjective yearbook or photo-almanac. At times Shinoyama's sequencing is cinematic, demonstrating the photobook's ability to depict temporal flow; while at others it is precisely anti-cinematic, arresting both time and space. The book covers so much ground stylistically that it can be seen as an extended treatise on the myriad of possibilities inherent in photographic seeing. A scarce book destined to be one of the all-time classics!”--Photo-eye

Condition: Good, some small flaws and bumps to the exterior, interior pages are clean and fresh.