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* Kishin SHINOYAMA "Nude Portfolio" 1970 Photobook Rare HB Edition


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Kishin SHINOYAMA, photographer. "Nude." Japan: Camera Mainichi, 1970, First Edition, HB, 36 cm x 26 cm, 108 pp, 18 color & 46 b/w gravure photos, text in Japanese & English.

One of Shinoyama's important early nude photographic works. Six Chapters: 1) Death Valley; 2) Twin; 3) Brown Lily; 4) Maki & Sinatra; 5) Phantom; 6) Tokyo Fairy.

"In Mr. Shinoyama's great compendium of feminine beauty, female bodies unfold like floral capital letters. However, I wonder to whom these female bodies thus appreciated, photographed, and distributed belong if eroticism is, in any sense, based on one's desire of possession. In a nude photo, the personal possession of physical beauty is given up, and the complete expression of a body at one instant, a totality that the woman would not show even to her lover, belongs to thousands of men. While the sexual passion of men is aroused by fetishism of many forms, it is always concerned with parts and fails to see the 'total' beauty of a female body. In other words, anything that expresses, in any sense, the 'total' purifies one's sexual passion and makes one give up the desire to possess a beauty that has been transformed into a public possession."--Yukio Mishima.

"Chapters focus either on a particular model or set of models identified by name or the exploration of a particular theme. Within this context, Shinoyama's choice of nude poignantly balances a personal and private exploration with the public realm... Shinoyama totally changed the look of the nude model, until then generally a large-chested woman with curvy hips. Instead, Shinoyama photographed a variety of regular girls... Compared to Hosoe's nudes in Man and woman, Shinoyama's images are very corporeal, reminiscent of Araki's photographs of his wife Yoko. While 28 Girls broke sharply from the traditional treatment of the nude as an ideal of beauty, it had a pop feeling and very image-based sensibility. Shinoyama took this idea to an extreme in Nude. In the section 'Death Valley,' shot in the wide-open vistas of America's desert land, a terrain with a scope inconceivable in Japan, he eschews all narrative structure in a totally image-driven body of photography. The strong light and Shinoyama's framing made the ground's surface resemble the surface of the moon - a moon populated by nude women. In 'Phantom,' special effects adulterate the color photography, using the nude to address a near-future vision of the city. 'Tokyo Fairy' plays with 'visual scandal,' placing nudes within everyday scenes."--Kaneko & Vartanian, Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 70s, pp 102-107.

"Shinoyama is among Japan's most well known photographers. Hugely successful in the world of advertising from an early age, he went on to produce three stunning books of color photography: Hareta Hi (A Fine Day), 1975; The Meaning of the House, 1975 and Paris, 1977. However, it is his nudes for which he is perhaps most famous. He created a sensation in 1968 when he photographed some of the country's hottest models and entertainers in the nude. By 1969, he was publishing them regularly in Japanese Playboy magazine. The series in this book were originally published serially in Camera Mainichi. The inventive color and black-and-white images explore the beauty of the human form set against a variety of imaginative backdrops. Scarce."--Photo-eye.

"In 'Death Valley' three women of different nationalities - a blond American, A Japanese, and an African - move around together, entirely naked, among the rocks and desert of Death Valley. Their bodies appear lost in a landscape of incredible depth, which is further accentuated by the use of the wide-angle lens to dilate the spaces. A red filter was used to darken the sky and lighten the skin tones, giving the atmosphere an unreal and almost lunar appearance. In 'Twins' two young, nude models wearing identical makeup are shown embracing. They are sitting side by side next to a large stone, with which their forms appear to be fused, the exaggerated whiteness of their skin, contrasted with the dark sky, transforms them into seemingly identical abstract shapes... In the last two chapters, Shinoyama used color and darkroom manipulation to compose outlandish visions. His models, walking nude through deserted streets close to industrial sites in Tokyo captured in the first light of dawn, appear as bizarre figures, prototypes of a post-modern society; these girls seem to destroy forever the ultimate bastions of the traditional Japan of geisha, samurai warriors, tea ceremonies, ikebana and cherry blossom trees."--Bertolotti, Books of Nudes, p 185.

Condition: Good, usual wear around the edges of the jacket, light handling creases to the pages but overall the interior is probably better than usual. Still has the yellow tipped-in publishers colophon which is often missing.

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