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Miseki LIU "Shanghai Mujinkan" 2000


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Miseki LIU, photographer. “Shanghai Mujinkan.” XIAO Fei, XU Meng-Yu, WU Rong-Jing, WANG Li, ZHU Fen, YE Qing-Lian, SHEN Fen-Hui, TANG Hui-Ying, models. Japan: Fuyo-sha, 2000, First Edition, OOP, HB, dj, 31 cm x 23 cm, Approx. 100 pp, color photos. Miseki Liu is the photographer of the excellent "Exotica" series, Kumiko Takeda’s best-selling nude trilogy of "Lady" photobooks, Brooke Shields' "Secrets" and the infamous “Another Skin: Senri Yamazaki in the Bondage.” An unofficial continuation of Liu’s “Exotica” series - in Shanghai. Beautiful traditional settings and wardrobes. Like the models in the “Exotica” series, these models are undoubtedly amateur as well. Condition: