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Masahisa FUKASE "Bukubuku" - "Bubbling" 2004 Photobook


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Masahisa FUKASE, photographer. "Bukubuku" - "Bubbling." Koko YAMAGISHI, essay. Japan: Hysteric Glamour/Nobuhiko Kitamura, 2004, First Edition, HB, no dj as issued, 26 cm x 23 cm, 84 pp, 79 single-page b/w photos, text in Japanese and English.

Collected here for the first time, the series of photographs that were displayed at Fukase's last solo exhibition before an accident left him in a coma. Some view these works as a welcome light-hearted respite from Fukase's more well-known photos of loneliness and emotional isolation, but others see them as another step in Fukase's downward spiral.

"We grasp the considerably wide connotation of the word 'Hysteric,' and the emotions usually associated with hysteria. However, looking at it in a different light, we can begin to feel the energy in the word 'Hysteric.' The image which comes to mind is that of high tension and taut nerves, and can never be seen as apathetic. Hereafter, we want to make a series of these books with people who firmly believe they have the energy to elevate the feeling of 'Hysteric.' Before long, the concept of 'Hysteric' might be changed."--Nobuhiko Kitamura.

Other legendary Japanese photographers who have contributed volumes to the Hysteric series include Seiryu Inoue, Takuma Nakahira, Hajime Sawatari and Shoji Ueda.

Condition: Excellent, small blue "Promotion Only" stamp on the inside back board.