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Masaya NAKAMURA "Ema Nude in Africa" 1978 Photobook Sonorama #13


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Sonorama Series #13: Masaya NAKAMURA, photographer. "Ema Nude in Africa." Japan: Asahi Sonorama, 1978, First Edition, HB, dj, 21 cm x 22 cm, 120 pp, b/w photos.

"The most talented glamour photographer of the time was Masaya Nakamura... Nakamura stood out from his colleagues by producing harmonious, original compositions showing models with serene, absorbed faces and a modesty and grace that make them unforgettable. The images highlight the sensuality of their bodies, captured amid a sophisticated interplay of chiaroscuro. In Ema Nude in Africa (1971), Nakamura cast a loving gaze over the nude body of Ema, one of the most famous top models of the time. His photographs showed her as the symbol of an elegant, refined civilization in the primitive, unspoiled setting of Africa, in the midst of extraordinary landscapes and remarkable fauna such as elephants, lions and flamingos."--Bertolotti, Books of Nudes, p. 180-81.

The Sonorama Photo Book series from 1977-1980 extended to 27 volumes and is a remarkable collection of collectible photo books including: Hamaya's Snow Land, Iwamiya's Sado, Hosoe's Embrace, Sawatari's Nadia, Moriyama's Japan, a Photo Theatre II, Araki's Yoko, My Love, Fukase's Yohko, Ueda's Sand Dunes, Tomatsu's Kingdom of Mud, Kuwabara's Tokyo Days, Suda's Fushi Kaden, Kawada's Cosmos of the Dream King, Naito's Baba, Yanagisawa's Tracks of the City - as well this book. The original 1977 Edition of Ema Nude in Africa was awarded the Japan Photograph Association's annual prize. This Sonorama edition is possibly scarcer than the original.

Condition: Excellent.

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