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Masaya NAKAMURA "Nude Nishi to Higashi" - "Nude West & East" 1969 Photobook


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Masaya NAKAMURA, photographer. "Nude nishi to higashi" - "Nude West and East." Tasuhiko SHIBUSAWA, text. Japan: Camera Mainichi, 1969, First Edition, PB, 36 cm x 26 cm, approx. 90 pp, 66 color and b/w images, single- and double-page reproductions, Japanese and English text.

Often called "Nude East and West" despite the order in the Japanese title, an early photobook from the legendary photographer of Ema Nude in Africa. Same era, publisher and design as Kishin Shinoyama’s Nude Portfolio and 28 Girls. Seven Chapters: 1) Chateau Goulain; 2) Atelier; 3) Twilight; 4) Mlle Monique; 5) Kyoto; 6) Rocks & Stream; 7) Island.

Masaya NAKAMURA (3/29/1926 - 6/6/2001) Bio: Photographer of women, best known for nudes. Born Yokohama. Studied photography at Tokyo Fine Arts High School and photochemistry at Chiba University. Served in the Japanese Army, 1942-46. Later became a press photographer for Yomiuri Shimbun for 6 months, then worked as a photographer for movie magazine publisher Eiga Sekaisha while working under Yuki HAYATA. Turned freelance in 1952. Portraiture, fashion, and women were his main subjects, mainly for magazines such as Chuo Koron and Fujin Gaho. Best known as a glamour photographer from 1956. Member of the exclusive glamour photographers' group called Gynee Gruppe. Nakamura's photos appeared in Life magazine's 30th anniversary issue in 1966. Operated Masaya Studio in Shinjuku, Tokyo, 1958-64 and in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo in 1966. Elected president of the Japan Advertising Photographers' Association (APA) in 1979. Awards: News Photography Prize, Japan Photo Critics Association, 1957; Art Directors Club of New York 1966.

Condition: Some of the unavoidable small handling creases in the thin paper and wear around the edges but overall Quite Good for this book, which is often seen with a lot of wear. Good unbroken binding.

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