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Megumi IGARASHI "Deco man" 2012 Manga Book Vagina Kayak Artist seen on Daily Show


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Megumi IGARASHI, Author/artist. "Deko man: asoko seikei mangakka ga kimyona ato o tsukutta riyu." Japan: Bunkasha, 2012, First Edition, PB, dj, 21 cm x 15 cm, 126 pp, text in Japanese.

Artist bio: Megumi Igarashi, who uses the pseudonym Rokudenashiko ("good-for-nothing girl"), is a Japanese sculptor and manga artist who has received public attention for her work featuring female genitalia. She considers it her mission to demystify female genitalia in Japan, where, according to her, they are overly hidden. Igarashi has, among other vagina-themed works, created a noted series of decorated vagina molds, "Decoman," as well as a kayak based on a 3D scan of her own genitalia. In July 2014, she was arrested for the alleged violation of Japanese obscenity laws for e-mailing the 3D scanner data of her vagina to people who supported the crowd-funding campaign to build the kayak. More than 21,000 people signed an online petition urging the government to free her. She was released a week later after having successfully appealed her detention.

Megumi Igarashi was recently (July 24, 2014) featured on a memorable segment on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart - "We May Have Problems, But at Least We're Not Jailing Artists for 3D Printing Their Vaginas" - after receiving world wide attention after her arrest on obscenities charges. Her "vagina kayak" was the latest in her series of vagina-modeled "Deco-man" artworks. "Decoman" is a word coined by Igarashi, combining the parts of the words "decoration" and "Manko" (the Japanese word for vagina). This comic book, subtitled "Why the Decoman vagina artist creates bizarre art" is her only published book.

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