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Mikio KATAOKA Shuji KAWAMATA "Pursuit" 1969 Photobook Rare Provoke Copycat


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Mikio KATAOKA & Shuji KAWAMATA, photographers. “Pursuit: Jitsuzon tsuikyu no tame no kiroku" - "Pursuit: A Record of the Existential Pursuit.” Japan: Pursuit-sha, 1969, First Edition, PB, (no dj as issued), 24 cm x 18 cm, 28 pp, b/w gravure photos.

The famous Provoke Photography group (Daido Moriyama, Takuma Nakahira, Koji Taka, Takahiko Okada & Yutaka Takanashi) published their third volume in August 1969 and the group dissolved soon after. Here is a testament to the influence of those publications - published in December of 1969, Pursuit 1 is an homage in every way from the title, the subtitle, the design to the photography. Instead of "Provoke" we have "Pursuit." Instead of "Provocative resources for thought" we have "Record of existential pusuit." The book is the exact same size as Provoke Vol. 3. Inside, the photos are stylistically influenced by the Provoke photographers but the subject matter seems equally influenced by the protest photography of the era. Very rare.

Condition: Very Good.

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