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Masaaki MORIYA "KPC Profile Series 1" 1981 Photobook


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Masaaki MORIYA, photographer. "KPC Profile Series 1." Japan: Nippon Geijutsu Shuppan, 1981, First Edition, HB, 22 cm x 30 cm, 144 single- and double-page color & b/w gravure photos.

"KPC" was the early precursor to NGS's Artman Club, which was created to publish nude photography privately by subscription to circumvent the censorship laws in Japan. Moriya was a favorite of NGS, frequently contributing to the Sha Girl Annuals. The uncommon horizontal format evokes a certain type of shunga print format. 10 Chapters: 1) In America; 2) In Manila & Bangkok; 3) In Tokyo; 4) In Nishi Izu; 5) In Setonaikai; 6) In Akagi; 7) With My Friends; 8) In Dream; 9) With My Love Maiko; 10) With My Love Eiko. "With My Friends" and "With My Love Eiko" are printed in b/w gravure style, the others in color. Scarce.

Condition: Good, with slipcase.