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Yoshihiro TATSUKI + Shunji OKURA + Hideki FUJII "Muses" 1992 Photobook


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Shunji OKURA, Yoshihiro TATSUKI, Hideki FUJII, photographers. "Muses." Japan: Seibundo Shinkasha, 1992, First Edition, PB, dj, 31 cm x 23 cm, Approx. 130 pp, color & b/w photos. Includes an Essay in Japanese and English by editor Koichi Nakai: "The Three Who Challenged Muses", as well as biographical data and addresses for these three important Japanese photographers - but I wouldn’t count on the phone numbers being up-to-date.

---Shunji Okura Biography: Born in 1937, Tokyo. Studied with Tadao Tominari, Jun Miki, and Akira Sato. Exhibits his activity in the fashion phography industry. His work includes photographs with urban and insects as theme including “Musashino”, “Urban natural history”, and “Emma”, and also published photo books “Tamasaburo Bando”, “Keiko Matsuzaka”, and “Zephyrus 24”. Received Kodansha Publication Culture award, and APA award.

---Yoshihiro Tatsuki Biography: Born in 1937, Tokushima City. Graduated from Tokyo Photography Junior College (presently Tokyo Polytechnical Institute). Participated in Ad Center at the time of its foundation, as Cameraman. Since 1969 has been freelancer. His activities cover a wide rangbe of fields including advertisement, magazine, publication and images. His personal photo shows include “Girl” (1970), “Yves” (“Eves”) (1970), “Private” (1971) “Private Life Mariko Kaga” (1971), “Flowering” (1973), “Pinups” (1976), “Girl Friend Part II” (1977), “Man Renzaburo Shibata” (1979), “Oneman trip in France” (1979), “My America” (1980), “Noriko Now” (1981), “Hanageshiki” (1982), “Bridge to Future” (1988), “Shashinki 30” (1989). His photobooks iclude “Yves” (“Eves”) (1970), “A Certain Woman” (1970), “Private Life Mariko Kaga” (1971), “Erotica, Larotica” (1972), “My America” (1980), “Women appearing in Sasameyuki” (1983), “Metamorphosis” (1983), “Bridge to Future” (1983) and “Shashinki 30” (1989).

---Hideki Fujii Biography: Born in 1934, Tokyo. 1952 His photo of a fire of the movie theatre Subaruza offered to Sun Photo Newspapers won the Best Reportage Photo of 1954 award. 1955 Studied with Shotaro Akiyama. 1960 employed by Nihon Design Center. 1965 Commissioned to Max Factor for their Japanese campaign photo. Founded Studio F company. His personal photo shows includee; at the Canon Salon, Amsterdam and at Fnac Gallery, Paris 1975; in Seattle and Barcelona 1978; “Body Cosmetics” at the Shinjuku Olympus Gallery 1982; “L’image de Pastel Color” at the Nagase Salon, Ginza 1985; and “F Graphy by use of Japanese paper with 1,000 years of tradition” at the Konica Gallery, Osaka 1990. His prints were featured in ZOOM No. 29 1975. Was featured in Photo Technic Extra Issue “Hideki Fujii - Profile and his Photos” by Genkosha 1978. Numerous awards: Spanish Newspaper Ad Gold Medal, ADC award, Asahi Ad award 65, APA award of the year 1985 for Body Cosmetics F Graphy.

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