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* Nobuyoshi Araki "Genius and Death" 2013 Photobook SIGNED Association Copy + drawing


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI, photographer. "Tenshi to Shi” - “Genius and Death." Tokyo: East Press, 2013, First Edition, PB, dj, 17 cm x 11 cm, 256 pp, b/w photos, text in Japanese. Araki has conversations with other prominent Japanese artists about art, genius and death: Kitano TAKESHI, Fujio AKATSUKA (manga), Kimimaro AYANOKOJI (comedian) and Daido MORIYAMA.

Condition: Excellent, with obi, binding is firm and unbent. SIGNED by Araki, “Yoshico Arakiss” with an original caricature self-portrait drawing on the front endpaper. Araki replaces the letters for “shi” with the Japanese kanji character for death as he sometimes does, even in the names of a close friend. A unique association copy from the "Hanaguruma" collection. Hanaguruma is Araki's favorite Shinjuku bar hangout, recently closed, that he has frequented most evenings for years. With a quick search you can find videos of him drinking and socializing with his girlfriend Kaori and friends. “Yoshiko” along with “Kyoko” were the two proprietresses of the bar, easily recognizable from a number of Araki's photos, usually singing karaoke. This was her personal copy. Also signed by Araki’s famous partner in photographic hijinks, Akira SUEI, well-known from their Byakuya Shobo publishing house, Shashin Jidai magazines and 80s era photobooks, especially Tokyo Lucky Hole.

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