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Nobuyoshi ARAKI + Kineo KUWABARA "Love You Tokyo" 1993 Photobook


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI & Kineo KUWABARA, photographers. "Love You Tokyo." Japan: Setagaya Art Museum, 1993, First Edition, PB, 28 cm x 22 cm, 200 pp, mostly b/w & some color photos, Japanese text.

831 photos by Araki from the series: Satchin and Mabo (1963), Middle-aged Women (1965), Subway (1966), Zoo (1966), Ginza (1967), Female Prisoners (1965), Seven-Five-Three (1964-66), Tokyo in Autumn (1972), Postwar: A Private Tokyo (1972-3), Tokyo Lucky Hole (1983-85), Tokyo Story (1988), Tokyo Nude (1988), Towards Winter: Tokyo, A City Heading for Death (1990), Winter Journey (1990), Laments: Skyscapes (1990), Colorscapes (1990), Fine Tokyo Days (1992).

265 photos by Kuwabara from the series: Tokyo in the 11th Year of Showa (1930-40s), Dream Town (1930-40s), Postwar Tokyo (1950-60s), Long Tokyo Days (1970s), Tokyo Day After Day (1980s), Afternoon Smiles (1990s).

"Exhibition catalogue to accompany duo show Love You Tokyo curated by Naohiro Takahashi and featuring Kineo Kuwabara and Araki. The work of these two photographers born and raised in a traditional working class district of Tokyo intertwined convincingly in this outstanding exhibition. Araki showed work related to Tokyo in chronological sequence from 1963 to 1992."--Kotaro Iizawa, Araki: Self, Life, Death

"Kineo Kuwabara left an indelible imprint on the history of Japanese photography. As an amateur photographer before the war, Kuwabara walked and photographed the streets of Tokyo's old downtown, where he'd been born and raised. After the war, he was active in the photography world as editor of Camera, Sankei Camera, Photography Criticism, and other magazines. From the mid-1960s on, he once again threw himself into photographing; his prewar works drew renewed appreciation, and in 1973, the year he turned 60, he had his first solo exhibit. Shows and publications of both his new and his old work thereupon followed one after another, including Tokyo in the 11th Year of Showa and Tokyo Days, and he came into the spotlight as a photographer. His photos were what might be called memos or sketches of the everyday, or what he himself described as "indelible glimpses, intensely personal." Suffusing them is the air of the changing times and streets. From the mid-1930s "2-26" coup attempt by the radical right, to the frothy years of the early '90s bubble economy, Kuwabara's photographs convey the changing face of Tokyo. At the same time, they celebrate the improbable freshness of persistent images, and continue to be powerfully enticing to viewers today."--bio from Setagaya Museum's 2014 Kineo Kuwabara Exhibition

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