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Nobuyoshi ARAKI + Nan GOLDIN "Tokyo Love" 1994 Photobook


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI & Nan GOLDIN, photographers. “Tokyo Love: Spring Fever.” Japan: Ohta Shuppan, 1994, First Edition, PB, dj, 19 cm x 26 cm, 208 pp, color photos.

"A collection of photos taken for a joint exhibition with Nan Goldin entitled Tokyo Love held in November 1994 at The Ginza Art Space, Tokyo. Goldin shot young social outsiders such as lesbians, gays and body-piercers, while Araki, as a contrast, photographed 100 girls in a studio."--Kotaro Iizawa, Araki: Self, Life, Death

"A collection of portraits revealing the love lives of young urban Japanese men and women. Like much of the work by both of these photographers, the book at first appears to be a collection of snapshots, but ultimately presents a subtle and intimate account of the people it portrays."--Photo-eye

"'Nan has lost so many of her best friends to AIDS. I wanted her to forget these experiences along with the other sorrows of life and to take pictures in Tokyo. ‘I will help you to get over the death of your wife,’ she said to me a the very beginning.'--Nobuyoshi Araki. 'I came back to Tokyo in the spring of 1994 to photograph the new Japanese youth and managed to track down my own tribe. I found a household of kids who are living by the same beliefs that I did as a teenager, and who transcended any definition of hetero or homosexual.'--Nan Goldin. In 1994 Goldin and Araki decided to collaborate on a project about adolescents in Tokyo. They set out to capture the joys, thrills, and anxieties of youth. The two photographers, each of them in their very own way obsessed by love and eroticism, complemented one another perfectly. Together, they forged a panoramic vision of love and sexuality in all its varieties. Nobuyoshi Araki took pictures of young girls in his studio capturing both their budding awareness of the female body and its seductiveness and, on the other hand, their insecurity and anxiety. His portraits precisely pinpoint the frightening and exhilarating transition from girl to woman. Nan Goldin explored Tokyo’s queer underground-gay boys, transvestites, fetishists, and all those who defy society’s preordained definitions of sexuality. She celebrates their courage and beauty, their fight for their right to love. Araki and Goldin rejoice in the exalted erotic perplexities of adolescence, its pleasures, hopes, and despair."--publisher

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