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Nobuyoshi ARAKI "Obscenities" 1994 Photobook


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI, photographer. “Obscenities.” Japan: Waisetsu Shahin, 1994, First Edition, PB, (no dj as issued), 30 cm x 23 cm, 44 pp with fold outs, color photos.

"A collection of photographs put together on the basis of Arakinema, first performed at the 1994 Photography and Obscenity symposium (Studio Ebisu). The institution of obscenity is blown apart by Araki's self-censorship of some colour photographic images. His message is summed up in the statement to the symposium that obscenity is beautiful."--Kotaro Iizawa, Araki: Self, Life, Death

"Araki's "Obscenities," actually a special issue of the magazine "Deja-Vu," is an intriguing departure for this master of fetishist photography. Instead of presenting his acutely revealing images of sexuality, Araki has chosen to scratch away the obscenities - and not only the obvious ones. The result is images oddly more arousing, as they are seen through the marks of his hand, as well as the desire of his eye."--Photo-eye

"Photography reveals. To reveal is obscene. Photography conceals. To conceal is obscene. Taking photographs is obscene. To be photographed is obscene. Showing photographs is obscene. To look at photographs is obscene. Not showing photographs is obscene. To not be able to look at photographs is obscene. Obscene things do not exist. Obscene acts exist. Obscene photographs are acts. Obscene photographs are relations. Photographs are obscenities. Obscenities are beautiful."--Araki

An artistic relative of Araki's "Tales of Black Ink" photobook from the same year.

Condition: Excellent Condition, a very fresh example - feels like it has been vacuum packed for 20 years.

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