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Nobuyoshi ARAKI "Seifuku no maru hi shojo" 1993 Photobook


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI, photographer. “Seifuku no maru hi shoujo” - "Confidential - Girls in School Uniform." Japan: Byakuya Shobo, 1993, 2nd Printing, HB (as issued without dust jacket), 21 cm x 21 cm, 260 pp, b/w photos.

"Portraits of school girls from the ‘Tokyo Lycennes’ series that appeared in the magazine ‘Super Shashinjuku.’ There are no nudes but a sense of powerful eroticism emerges from the angles of vision and poses assumed by the girls."--Kotaro Iizawa, Araki: Self, Life, Death

Condition: Very Good. (The light red color on the white title paper of the cover is not a flaw or a stain, it is a normal chosen quality of the paper that is pasted/laid down on the cloth board and forms a different pattern on every copy.)

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