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* Nobuyoshi ARAKI "Sentimental Journey: Okinawa Sequel" 1971 Photobook SIGNED


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI, photographer. "Zoku senchimentaru na tabi, Okinawa-hen" - “Sentimental Journey: Okinawa Sequel.” Japan: Self-published, 1971, First Edition, PB, 13 cm x 18 cm, b/w images, limited edition of 1000. Araki's fourth book, very scarce.

The second of Araki's trilogy of first publications, along with Araki's "Sentimental Journey" also from 1971 and "Araki Nobuyoshi Photobook 3: Tokyo" from 1973. The connection between the first two is evident in the titles - the second two, Okinawa and Tokyo are designed to be sister publications. Both photobooks feature paired photo diptychs on every page - the pairs in Okinawa are horizontal and the ones in Tokyo are vertical. One of Araki's best, most important and scarcest books.

"When these volumes are viewed collectively, it becomes clear that Araki is working out a series of related ideas across a number of different publications: the public versus the private, the role of the photographer as a reporter, the contrast of the specific and the general, ideas of locale and narrative, and the very function of a photobook... Neither Okinawa or Tokyo includes Yoko, but they do address a different everyday life. Both are small format, and on each spread two photographs abut one another with no partitioning space between them, either side by side or one above the other. A generous amount of white space surrounds the pair, reinforcing the idea that they should be considered simultaneously, or even as one continuous image..."--Kaneko & Vartanian, Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and 70s, p. 108-114.

Condition: Very Good, perhaps as good as one is ever likely to find. Very clean, binding is very tight and unbroken. A very unusual early signature on the cover by Araki in two colors of ink - probably signed very soon after publication.

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