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Nobuyoshi ARAKI "Shanghai-gaeri no Araki" 1998 Photobook + mini-cd


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI, photographer. "Shanghai-gaeri no Araki" - "Araki's Return from Shanghai." Tokyo: Korinsha, 1998, First Edition, PB, slipcase, mini-cd, 13 x 13 cm, approx. 350 pp, color photos.

"Another in the overseas location series, following Vienna and Taipei. Natural photographs of Shanghai backstreets taken on a visit to the exhibition "Sur-Everyday-Life" in May 1998. The images include an ordinary pair of boots and a random funeral procession. Araki states that "wherever you go, it's the things you see immediately around you that are the most interesting." Includes Araki's own commentary and a mini-CD."--Kotaro Iizawa, Araki: Self, Life, Death

One senses that the format of this small but voluminous book is a conscious choice - intentionally the polar opposite of Araki's previous "overseas travel" book, "Taipei," which was one of his largest. Araki's usual obsessions - cityscapes, nudes - including Cosmosco and various disrobed locals.

Condition: As-new, still wrapped, unopened. The first time I have seen an unopened copy of this one.