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Nobuyoshi ARAKI "To the Past" 2012 Photobook Ltd Ed 350


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI, photographer. "To the Past." Japan: Little Big Man, 2012, First Edition, HB, case, 25 cm x 35 cm, 176 pp, b/w plates.

"TO THE PAST focuses on Araki's auto-dated photo diary black and white photographs, spanning monumentally from Araki's adoption of the process in 1979, up until the day of the great Japanese earthquake in March, 2011. Ordered 'chronologically,' Araki's masterful editing defines a clear narrative of passing time and life over 32 years... To highlight this sense of linear control, the title of the book gives insight to Araki's clever manipulations as he pulls the viewer backwards to the past whilst maintaining perpetual motion forward. Strictly limited edition of 350 copies.
 Each book is linen bound, debossed and foil stamped, then housed within a printed and silkscreened foil casing and wrapped in a removable obi-band.”--Publisher.

Condition: Excellent. This came to me as an unopened copy. Since it was a copy with the dark obi band design that I think was reserved for the special edition with the gravure print insert, I had to open it and find out for sure. No print was present, so maybe this was a gift promotional copy? Not sure, but it is still in shiny as-new condition except for the opened perforations on the uniquely styled "obi" band.

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